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Rope skipping tester  with LCD display

Rope skipping tester with LCD display

  • 1. test the subject's lower limb strength and physical coordination,
  • 2. The tester comes with LCD display, which can display test data synchronously with the host.
  • 3. The structure of the tester is simple and convenient. It adopts the floating bearing structure design commonly used in sports examinations. The high-strength aluminum alloy joint can be applied with a 2-6mm steel wire rope, which is convenient for changing the jump rope and adjusting the length of the jump rope. The built-in non-slip rope buckle also has the function of preventing cheating.
  • 4. One-button operation, easy to use, with buzzer reminder
  • 5. Standard test for 10 people for one time;
  • 6. Host CPU uses high-end quad-core chip, 1.0GB RAM / 8GB ROM, and supports H.265 video hardware decoding.

  Rope skipping tester  with LCD display

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