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Board members visited the Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen net Blohm Building, held the second direct

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Board members visited the Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen net Blohm Building, held the second director of the General Assembly

   July 30, 2014, at the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with deep industry Pacific sixth day, the members of the Council Chamber of the Shenzhen network of hundreds of people visited the dark line of the car industry Blohm City Plaza II building, and this was held in 2014 during the second sub-director of the General Assembly, which officially opened the Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Shum Yip network Pacific Group to jointly build Shenzhen Luohu border electricity supplier industrial park off.

   Before the formal Council Conference 2014 held its second year, the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce Council of a pedestrian network under the leadership of the staff of Shum Yip Car City Plaza II building sandbox Blohm detailed understanding of, and officially settled Bolong Building the future full of expectation and confidence. Shenzhen net Chamber of Commerce official said that the reason beachhead stationed Blohm building, took a fancy to its central location in which the new Lo, area has a mature infrastructure, and good hardware. 

   It is reported that the car industry as a deep upgrade for City Plaza II, Blohm building on spare no effort to build the hardware. 150 square meters: an ultra-high parking ratio, all stone 6.9 meters high ceiling lobby, open 270 degrees invincible mountain horizons, 80-1800㎡ custom level commercial space, up to 80% utilization, the scarcity value of the engine brought the city's business future!

  Combination, to create electricity supplier Shenzhen Luohu border industrial park!