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Media -Tek company's self-redemption - MTK8382

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  • Release on:2014-10-21


    Media -Tek company's self-redemption - MTK8382


As is well known, in the mobile device chip market, Qualcomm giants in the high-end market; MediaTek monopolized the low-end market. In recent years, non-chip companies with a high pass in the high-end market comparison, and Qualcomm are working to develop low-end products occupy a larger market share. 



Critical success MediaTek is a low price, cost is not high performance. When MTK Qualcomm meet the huge challenges it published a cost-effective chip --- MTK8382. This is a Tablet PC with a high cost of the chip. MediaTek MTK8382 hope to help it get higher in the market share of the tablet market. The chip has been selling well since it was published. Here is the introduction MTK8382's.



Mali -400 1.3GHz frequency display card. Quad-core CPU for the A7. It supports TD / WCDMA and EDGE network 3G. It also supports DDR3 memory, also uses a 28-nanometer technology. Although the details are not the best, it has excellent totals. Performance products in the same price for MTK8382 competitive.


The Tablet PC is not in use MTK8382 number of minorities, including 9.7 inches of MQ971 leader. If you want to know the performance MTK8382 of IPS capacitive screen tablet PC MQ971 is a good choice.