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Brand New Whatsticiner M30S ++ Bitcoin SHA256 ASIC MINER 102T 104T 106T 108T 110T

Brand New Whatsticiner M30S ++ Bitcoin SHA256 ASIC MINER 102T 104T 106T 108T 110T

  • Product name: Whatsminer M30S ++
  • HashRate: 102 / S, 104 ° / s, 106 / S 108th / s 110th / s ± 5%
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Energy consumption: 3286W
  • Size: 15.3 "x 5.9" x 9.4 "
  • Weight: 12.7 kg.
  • Controller: included
  • PSU: Included
  • Voltage PSU: 220-240V
  • Operating temperature: 23F ~ 104F / -5C ~ 40C

Mint Bitcoin Bitcoin M30S ++SHA256 ASIC MINER 102T 104T 106T 108T 110T

The Miner is based on 8nm Samsung Asic Technology.

The Brand New Whatsminer M30S ++ ASIC MINER PRODUCES ~ 106 TH / S SHA-256 HASHING POWER AND CONSUMES 3286W.

IT Comes with at 3800W -220V - 240V Power Supply Built on Top, Delete The 9 Pin Cables and Makes It Easier to Plug Into Your Outlet.

M30S ++ Is About The Same Size As Our Flagship Miner The M20s. The Main Size Difference is the PSU HEIGHT IS Lower.

ITS Built in fan system produces Peak Hashing Power While Keeping The Cool Computer.

Best Source International Co.,

Tel:+86 18617158927

Contact Person:Kathy

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