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Company Profile

Best Source Profile

  Best Source International Limited., (BSI) is a leading Manufacture, Distribution, Wholesale, and Business
Solution & Service Company which founded at Hong Kong ,  We have good experience for Manufacture , R&D, Sourcing,Supply chain and online Business.

  BSI Multiple business mode to ensure the best and efficient services for our customers.  We offer professional products recommending, customizing, purchasing, inspection and shipping services to worldwide etc.
  BSI is one of the most trustable companies in China.  Since 2011, We were appointed as the President Company of Council , the Shenzhen E-Commerce Chamber , by The Shenzhen Civil Affairs and Alibaba. We are actively to help the members of the association for enterprise management and enterprise culture construction, and we also promote economic and trade exchanges between China and the world with responsibility, and always invited as a representative of the company go to visit the foreign countries follow The China  Leaders.
  BSI has developed rapidly in the last 23 years. Today all of our customers are located all over the world. They established a long-term cooperation relationship with us. With our company experience cumulative & good network relationship , BSI can be quickly touch the Best Source & get the good support always covered over the top suppliers in China Enterprise & Industry.

  Our Core Values:

  Best Source, Best Quality,Best Price, Best Service,anytime,anywhere,always for you

                                                                           ------ Your Trustable Partner in China!

Our Team: