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Intelligent Vision tester

Intelligent Vision tester

  • 1. Using 18.5-inch IPS high-brightness LCD display, light transmittance ≥90%, surface hardness ≥7H.
  • 2. The whole process has automatic voice navigation prompts, Man-machine interaction is performed through special remote control equipment to complete various tests.
  • 3. Intelligent face recognition camera, which recognizes the student's identity through face recognition technology, and automatically locks the user during the test to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data.
  • 4. Students complete self-help vision and color weakness tests through the remote control, without the teacher's participation, convenient and quick to use.
  • 5. After the test is completed, the data is automatically uploaded to the server through the network and pushed to the mobile phones of parents and teachers.

  Intelligent Vision tester

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