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quantum dot lampquantum dot lampquantum dot lampquantum dot lamp

quantum dot lamp

  • Model: EPL-6D
  • working voltage: 100-220V maximum power: 10W
  • Light color temperature: 4000K  
  • CRI(color rendering index )≥ 97
  • Product color: Ivory/sky blue/cherry blossom powder
  • Lamp operating height: 30-40cm  lamp base Size: diameter is 17cm
  • Spectral customization: Simulate sunlight at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning
  • Ra> 95 ultra-high color rendering index;
  • Eight-segment dimming mode;
  • No blue light hazard, no flicker;
  • 3C certification, photobiological safety certification, FCC certification

  quantum dot lamp

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